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As a mom & pop business, trying to stay competitive can be challenging. The ongoing struggle to do more with less has us all in search of creative ways to get noticed.

My passion for supporting small businesses is backed by more than a decade of experience in nonprofit communications. As a digital project manager I am here to help turn your ideas into action.

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Amanda L. Renna

Owner, Mom and Pop Digital Shop

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Web Developer

Writing clean code is an art form that changes almost as frequently as the weather. I stay current on trends so your content is easy to read, easy to manage, and easy on the eyes. You can trust me to turn your design quickly & accurately into a pixel-perfect match.

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Project Manager

Managing timelines, people and progress are at the core of any successful strategy. With a masters degree in digital project management my compulsive attention to detail will see that your project stays on time, on budget and on par with perfection.

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Content Creator

Writing copy is not just about putting pen to paper. It's about having the ability to tell a story that moves your readers to take action. Every word should be intentional, leading people to the next step, and sharing the power of your brand.